Trexon Digital Tach mounted in KB DC controller

Here the Trexon digital tachometer is mounted in the KB dc motor control box on my 50s vintage Delta bench top drill press. I purchased this drill press at an estate sale for 35.00 and it has been a great little asset to my shop. I milled an opening in the control box cover just large enough for the readout and mounted the tach circuit board with the usual #40 button head cap screws. Half the lower rim of the pulley sheave was painted flat black and the other half shined up with steel wool. I made a small bracket for the sensor to attch to one of the pulley cover mounting bolts so no permenant modifications to the drill press were needed. I mounted a small 200 ma wall transformer inside the control box with double faced foam tape and tied it to the dc control ac input. The tach is powered all the time which it is designed for and gives the additional benifit of letting me know that the drill press is under power.

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